Midwest Water Treatment LLC is a privately owned company that brings over 35 years experience in providing commercial and industrial water treatment equipment.


As an independent organization, MWT is flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers.

We understand customer frustration when dealing with suppliers who attempt to fit the customers’ needs into their design. Custom designing equipment to meet your needs is what MWT does best!

Our total focus is on serving the requirements of our customers.


Keeping your equipment running!

Experienced technical service for both the end-user and original equipment manufacturers of all types of water treatment systems in all markets.

We are dedicated to providing quality service, being cost competitive and increasing customer value. Keeping our customers up and running is our priority and we apply whatever resources necessary to keep them on line.

As an independent service organization, we are more flexible and responsive than typical OEM in-house service departments.

Our total focus is to serve your needs and meet your special requirements