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Driven by increasingly stringent environmental regulations, population growth in urban centres and the need to address urgent infrastructure issues, municipalities and industries demand sustainable, high-performance technologies to optimize their treatment facilities and ensure environmental compliance.

With a broad portfolio of cutting-edge proprietary capital equipment and solutions, SUEZ is a leader in the design, supply and commissioning of sustainable water and wastewater treatment technologies throughout North America, offering stand-alone equipment and fully integrated multi-train system in over 10,000 facilities.

SUEZ provides technology solutions in four primary sectors: industrial water, municipal drinking water, municipal wastewater and biosolids management. A strong service offering – plant audits, equipment rehabilitation and mobile treatment options – complements the range of available solutions and makes SUEZ one of the only players in North America with the capacity to offer fully comprehensive treatment solutions from a single-source provider.


AmeriWater LogoBased in Dayton, Ohio (USA), AmeriWater is a recognized specialist in design, manufacturing and supply of high-purity water treatment systems for the healthcare market, with a broad range of systems specifically designed for all areas of hospitals and clinics. The company also offers a full line of solutions for industrial water treatment applications.
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Anderson Water Systems LogoAnderson Water Systems, based in Canada, specializes in industrial process water treatment systems focused in technologies such as packed bed deminerization, electrodeionization, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, degasification, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration.
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Aquasource LogoAquasource, based in France, specializes in ultrafiltration membranes and standardized clarification/disinfection technology. Aquasource is the pioneer of Ultrafiltration applied to drinking water and is constantly improving its water treatment systems.
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Infilco LogoInfilco, based in Virginia (U.S.), provides end-to-end solutions in four primary business sectors: drinking water, industrial water, wastewater and sludge treatment by specializing in technologies such as high-rate clarification, filtration, biological treatment, headworks and high-temperature fluid bed incineration.
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Innoplana LogoInnoplana, based in Switzerland, specializes in sludge treatment technologies offering solutions for sludge thickening, dewatering, drying and incineration.
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Ozonia LogoWith a global presence, Ozonia is regarded as the world leader specializing in ozone generation and ultraviolet (UV) technology for industrial and municipal water treatment.
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Process Group LogoIn June 2014, Degremont Industry finalized the acquisition of Process Group, a highly reputable company on the Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas market in the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. With a 30-plus year expertise in engineering, design, fabrication, and commissioning of equipment, Process Group brings the Group a complete portfolio of process technologies.
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Triogen LogoTriogen, based in Scotland, specializes in ultraviolet (UV) and ozone disinfection for industrial, commercial and residential applications.
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WPT LogoWater & Power Technologies, Inc. (WPT) is a leader in the supply of high-purity water treatment systems and is a specialist in ion exchange deionization, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane technologies among others. WPT has been providing high quality industrial water purification systems for over thirty years and is well equipped to meet the specific pure water needs of their clients.
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WPT Service Solutions LogoWater & Power Technologies (WPT) Service Solutions is a solution provider for your water purification needs. With over 20 years experience, we provide reliable service 24 hours per day, in as quick as 2 hours. WPT Service Solutions offers emergency and contracted services.
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