About BECO

Blakeslee Equipment Company (BECO) Is a Manufacturer Representative in Ohio and ALL surrounding states that specializes in providing solutions for 3 of the 4 elements.

Continuously Representing some manufacturers since 1958. Relationships are the building blocks of our business. BECO has extensive experience in Thermal Process, Water Treatment and Mixing Industries. Recent partnership with an Air moving company rounds out our offering to cover most industrial processes.

Our primary goal at BECO is to supply you with the highest quality product with the highest quality service. Even if you need something we do not represent we will do our best to find you a qualified partner.

Industries we serve

We have always held a commitment to align BECO with the highest quality principals for every piece of process equipment that we offer. Our currents staff has a combined 70+ years of experience which allows for additional flexibility to always provide the correct offering for any application.

Thermal Process Equipment

Applications involving the use of fully Customer Engineered Spray Dryers, Freeze Dryers, Flash Dryers, Spray Congealers, Fluid Beds, Rotoary Dryers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers, and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.

Water Treatment Equipment

Offer full Water Treatment Systems and Individual Equipment for Solving any Wastewater or Water Treatment need. Upstream Wastewater Processing including Automatic Strainers, Lamella Clarifiers, DAF Units, Rotary Drum Screens, Multi-Media Filters, DI/RO Systems, etc.

Process Equipment

Full range of Process Equipment Solutions. Powder Handling full-scale production systems, Size Reduction and Milling, high speed Dispersion, transferring from batch process to fully automated Continuous Processing/Mixing.

Featured Products

ENERQUIP Heat Exchanger

Whether you need shell and tube heat exchangers for multi-stage evaporation in an ethanol plant, condensing organics in a chemical plant, vaporizing LNG in a refinery, or for landfill gas cooling, Enerquip is the right source for dependable, high-quality shell and tube exchangers you can trust.

UNIFLUX® Helical Coil Heater

The UNIFLUX® Helical Coil Heater design was developed to provide superior uniformity in heat transfer to thermally sensitive process fluids.

PARKSON Lamella EcoFlow®

The innovative Lamella EcoFlow®, which was unveiled in 2012 and is patented, eliminates the area of interference at the bottom of the plates and allows for full utilization of the plate settling area.

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