About Us

Who We Are

Blakeslee Equipment Company is a multi-person, multi-line Manufacturer’s Representative Firm specializing in Thermal Process, Water Treatment, Air, Mixing, and General Process mechanical equipment sales to the chemical, manufacturing, refining, utility, and food industries. We are committed to a philosophy of representing multiple principals to a broad customer base.

We are dedicated to structured growth through greater market penetration and by assuming additional responsibilities for both new principals and new territories.

It is our belief that a Manufacturer’s Representative is a career professional and has a mandate to serve the interests of both the customer and principals with the highest degree of professionalism achieved through continuous development and training.

We have always held a commitment to align BECO with the highest quality principals for every piece of process equipment that we offer. Our currents staff has a combined 70+ years of experience which allows for additional flexibility to always provide the correct offering for any application. We are dedicated to our craft and enjoy working with so a diverse client base. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

How We Help

BECO is here to make your lives easier. We offer over 70 years of experience in the design, service and selection of Capital equipment in the Thermal Process, Water Treatment and Chemical Industries. Our current structure allows us to take advantage of global manufacturing to provide you with the products that fit your needs at the best possible costs.

Through intimate working relationships, BECO can assist in design and selections of the highest performance products and work with the most qualified manufacturers for your project. We strive to offer our customers with services that go above and beyond all the others.

We focus at BECO as a way to help customers. That is the guiding motivation for our company. We want to help you choose the best equipment for your needs with the least maintenance needs, and that have the longest life in the market. At BECO, We will maintain complete transparency and work with our customers as partners. We feel strong in this, and we hope to soon partner with you to show our quality, competitiveness, and promise.

History of BECO

Blakeslee Equipment Co (BECO) began operations in January of 1958 by John R. Blakeslee, M.E., Case Institute of Technology. As Vice President of Sales for the Brown Fintube Company in Elyria, Ohio he had established a national network of Manufacturers Representatives when he made the decision to start his own Rep Agency. At that time, he had six children and was expecting the seventh of ten.

Brown Fintube manufactured heat exchangers so BECO’s first principals were the R. P. Adams Co and the Illinois Water Treatment Co manufacturers of heat exchangers, filtration equipment and high purity water systems. Now in our 65th year, we still represent these companies or their successors.

For over 64 years we have specialized in Thermal Process equipment, Water Treatment, and Separation Technology and have added expertise in mixing, dispersing and compounding of liquids with solids. Our products have a diverse customer and industry appeal in chemical, steel, refining, food processing, utilities and manufacturing. This fits extremely well with the diverse nature of industry in Ohio and the Ohio valley. Our equipment found success in the development and growth of the steel and utility industries during the 60’s and 70’s as well as the growth of the specialty chemical and polymer industries. As prepared foods and pet foods became more prevalent our equipment was applied by such companies as Nestle, J M Smucker and P&G.

Mark F Blakeslee, B.S. University of Colorado, after an earlier tenure, became a full time Sales Engineer in 1977. As his experience and application knowledge expanded, he took on ever-increasing responsibilities ascending to President in 1988. For most of our years of service, we have maintained a staff of multiple inside and outside sales personnel and an office manager who also handles routine inside sales activity. Longevity and consistency have defined both our personnel and our business relationships throughout our history.

The strongest asset of BECO is the long-term relationships we have with both our client principals and our customer base. Many of both have been served since we started in business or since they started in business.

Looking to the Future

As BECO moves to the future we will continue to focus on the relationships we have built over 65 years in business. These relationships with Manufacturers and Customers are the essential building blocks to the success of BECO.

Over the course of 65+ years we have worked with numerous manufacturers through direct relationships or on a needed basis. Some relationships are still direct and some are on a case by case basis. With this long list of manufacturers and products BECO is here to assist in any way we can. If its working directly with one of our current principles or pointing you in the right direction, we’re here to help.

BECO will continue to evaluate our current offering and the needs of the industry to stay as your most useful tool when deciding on projects in the Thermal Process, Water Treatment, Separation technology, Mixing/Compounding, and latest Air Moving and Bulk Material Handling Industries. Please contact us anytime and we will be available to help with any of your needs.

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