Durr Universal, Inc. is a global provider of custom-engineered air management solutions to the power generation, oil & gas, industrial processing, rail transportation and backup power markets. For more than half a century, OEMs, EPCs, packagers and end-users have relied on Dürr Universal to engineer acoustic, emission and filtration systems and enclosures to their unique needs and back them with unparalleled support across the entire energy generation lifecycle. Our comprehensive single-sourced solution not only meets environmental, regulatory and operational requirements, but helps operators reduce costs, improve the efficiency of equipment and eliminate safety and compliance risk. Our systems portfolio features exhaust and inlet systems, including silencers, ducts, structural steel, enclosures, dampers/diverters and filters for gas turbines and diesel and NG engines.

  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Gas turbine air management – inlet and exhaust systems (filter houses, evaporative coolers, silencers and ducting, structural steel, exhaust stacks)
  • Silencers – absorptive, blower, engine exhaust, fan, filter, vacuum pump, and vent silencers
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