ProSonix is a leading innovator in Industrial & Sanitary fluid heating solutions. We special in direct steam injection heating for water, hi-solids & aggressive slurries, and wastewater process’. Common applications are hot water supply for food plant sanitation central hot water, CIP cleaning hot water, hot water for meat, poultry, & vegetable pricing. Industrial applications such as boiler feedwater heating chemical plant , jacketed vessel & chemical reactor heating, pulp & paper production whitewater heating, along with heating of sludges & wastewater slurries for anaerobic digestion and de-activation process’. We are able to design engineer heater solutions to address specific materials of construction for corrosive & abrasive conditions, steam pressures from 15 – 600 psig, and size the heater to match your liquid pipe and flow specific requirements.

  • HVAC
  • Chemical
  • Food/Bev
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Gen
  • Pulp/Paper
  • Water Treatment
  • PSX I
  • ProJet
  • PSX J
  • I Series
  • C Series
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